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Platform Overview

Superior ROI

With Ottemo, your ROI increases immediately because you don't have to worry about infrastructure. Put the money you spend on hardware, hosting and maintenance where it counts: gaining new customers and growing sales. Now your IT team can put their energy into revenue-producing, strategic projects rather than spending time on endless upgrades and code patches. Our cloud-based solution means we can support and scale your growth plans on demand. Anything less is too slow in today's fast-paced commerce industry.

Limitless flexibility

Ottemo Enterprise is a highly extensible solution designed to give you the flexibility you need. Tightly integrate your ecommerce store fronts with any front-end or back-end system creating a unified solution that opens you up to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Dependable, Adaptable Hosting

Enjoy world-class cloud hosting benefits in an entirely owned and managed environment devoted exclusively to supporting our enterprise clients, featuring routine pro-active hardware upgrades, 99.99% historical uptime, and redundancy built-in everything (power, storage, paths, UPS).

Innovative Customer Experiences

The key to increasing top-line revenue is giving your clients an exceptional customer experience that will define your business today, tomorrow and into the future. With Ottemo Commerce cloud, you have the power of the cutting-edge enterprise technology at your fingertips. Take advantage of Ottemo’s native adaptive design to create captivating premium customer experiences that remain consistent across every channel, device, touchpoint and technology no matter where they are in the world.

Insightful Business Intelligence

Robust business intelligence tools are vital in a complete commerce platform. Ottemo's sales reporting feature and analytics gives you instant insight into sales trends, customer orders, discounts, and conversion rates -- for any customer category and any time frame. Constantly monitor critical ecommerce KPIs like checkout abandonment, unique visitors, new customers, gross margin, average order value and more.

Post Order Follow-Up and Engagement

The average store online generates 43 percent of revenue from repeat customers. An easy way to make customers fall in love with your company is to improve the post-shopping experience -- you want to get them excited about coming back again. Ottemo's order management system makes it a snap to administer orders, billing, payments, fulfillments, shipments, returns and built-in support for recurring subscriptions and other activities that take place as soon as they click the "Buy" button. And Ottemo integrates easily into any OMS you currently use.

Optimized Checkout Experience

The shopping cart is the most important juncture in the online shopping experience. You want to instill confidence so they complete the transaction. It's also an opportune time to increase the order amount and provide more value. Determine items that you can cross sell and upsell, figure out ways to reduce anxiety about placing the order, and don't forget to offer discount codes and other promotions. Ottemo's industry-leading shopping cart features every check out best practice known to boost conversions: dedicated SSLs, single-page checkout, mobile optimization, account creation, address verification, guests checkout support and more.