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Take advantage of the best-in-class technologies and limitless flexibility of Ottemo Commerce Cloud. You enjoy world-class cloud hosting, reliability, and performance giving your business the competitive edge while reducing costs by over 75%. Ottemo is precision engineered with a speed-optimized front-end and lighting fast cloud servers to improve your customers experience more than any other factor, giving them the confidence to spend more and return again and again. Ottemo’s cloud-based software offers sophisticated mobile capabilities. You can access Ottemo’s software anytime, anywhere with the same functionality on mobile devices that you get from a desktop computer - allowing you and your team to stay on top of your business at all times. Own the experience without the burden of owning the infrastructure. It’s all possible with the Ottemo Commerce Cloud.

Ottemo Does
The Heavy Lifting

Never worry again about monitoring servers, handling upgrades or implementing security. Ottemo Commerce Cloud managed service gives you future-proof infrastructure and cloud hosting that’s fully optimized so you deploy fast. No more uncertainty about traffic spikes and holiday hassles. We handle the technology so you can focus on business.

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Ottemo Commerce Cloud accelerates your commerce to supersonic speed. The power of the cloud combined with our industry-leading tools and technologies allows you to radically streamline development, staging and deployment. Your new content goes live faster, giving you more time to experiment with different commerce strategies and tactics.

Make it Easy

Hosting your store in the cloud ensures your customers get content fast no matter where they are. Your site is continually optimized around the clock. Take advantage of secure, global, high-performance and cost-effective cloud infrastructure that is constantly improving.

Limitless Scalability

Cyber Monday sales spikes? Ottemo is built on the cutting-edge Google Cloud, so you can handle traffic increases with ease. Specifically designed to scale and grow with you as you expand, Ottemo Commerce Cloud kicks in extra resources when demand seems overwhelming. Your site stays up through the heaviest loads.