An unified customer experience built around retailer needs;
in realtime across mobile, web and store.

Mobile First by Design

While most mobile solutions are minimal and feature-stripped compared to their Desktop counterparts, Ottemo takes pride in their "mobile-first" tenet and have developed the mobile experience to be as feature rich and simple to use as our Desktop experience.

Credit Card Processors

All major credit cards & PayPal

Make it simple for your customers to purchase by accepting all major credit cards. Immediately start taking payments from pre-integrated gateways like PayPal and Stripe as well. Offering your customers multiple payment options ensures that you never miss a sale.

Single Page Checkout

Improve conversion rates and increase sales

Ottemo allows you to streamline the checkout process with accordion or single page checkout options to provide your customers with a smooth checkout process from start to finish. This improves your customer experience, lowers shopping cart abandonment, and will give your conversion rates a boost.

Ratings & Reviews

Build customer trust and brand loyalty with our built-in ratings and reviews capabilities. Current satisfied customers can help drive more sales to your store by helping you out with a favorable review. Research shows that consumers respond well to customer reviews, building confidence in your products and increases sales.

Marketing & SEO

Make it easy for potential customers to find you with our built-in SEO. We use SEO best practices to ensure you rank high in search engines, and your company doesn’t get lost in the noise. Also utilize discount codes and coupons, gift cards, product reviews, email marketing, social media integration, and more to drive new and repeat business to your online store.

Real Time Analytics

Our platform provides you with a fully-responsive analytics dashboard that you can monitor from your PC, tablet, or phone. The dashboard brings all the analytics that power your business into one place so you can make speedy, better informed decisions. Your business will thrive when you can manage your site from a mobile device 24/7 instead of being shackled to a desk.

Order Processing

Order processing has never been this easy. Accept one order at a time or multiple orders at once without ever missing a beat.

Ready? So are we.

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