Pocono Vapes Case Study

You guys rock! Our website relies on flash sales so instant on-demand scalability is a requirement without crashing or performances issues, since making the move we haven’t had to worry at all. Our web sales were pretty bad before we switched over to Ottemo. It was like instantly pouring rocket fuel into our revenue. My only regret is not making the move sooner.

Corinne Miller, Owner, Pocono Vapes
faster page loas
faster to market
uptime during flash sales and promotions
Happy eBusiness team

Customer Profile

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Mt. Pocono Vapes is a family owned E-liquid business founded in 2012. Pocono Vapes has quickly become established as one of USA’s premier manufacturers of premium E-Liquid with their close attention to detail. All their E-liquids are handcrafted in small batches to ensure they consistently in flavors setting them apart from other brands. In search of a platform that could support their many flash sales and promotions, they decided to team up with Ottemo. They needed a flexible platform that could keep up with the speed of their growth and accommodate their future plans. They found what they were looking for in Ottemo.

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Pocono Vapes built a successful business providing the finest handcrafted flavors available to create a great experience for their customers. But slow performance and a buggy website lacking a mobile optimized experience made it very difficult for them to serve their customers online.

When trying to run flash sales and promotions drawbacks to their platform became clear. They couldn’t accommodate sharp spikes in web traffic causing site slowdowns and sometimes crashing. Their scalability was limited and their online business paid the price in lost customers and revenue.

The limitations to their current solution began to take a toll and if they knew if they wanted to continue to grow they needed to make a change. On top of that, everything on the site was hard coded, so anytime they wanted to make a small change it required the intervention of an IT resource.

  • Slow page load on old platform
  • Faulty mobile experience
  • Limited scalability
  • The need for constant IT intervention


Pocono Vapes worked with the Ottemo team to rebuild their website on the Ottemo platform, instantly giving them top tier performance in speed and mobile optimization. Their web pages load 4x faster and for the first time, they offer a natively responsive mobile experience for their customers. Now every time they make a change on their website it’s unified across all devices.

Our cloud-based SaaS platform gives them the scalability they need to satisfy their customers during flash sales and promotions - now they can rest assured their site is always serving up the best experience for their customers as Ottemo scales on-demand when traffic spikes. Pocono takes full advantage of Ottemo’s premium search feature that allows customers to search for their favorite flavor with ease streamlining time to check out.

With Ottemo’s CMS (content management system) tool Pocono can now switch up content on the fly without the need of IT resources at every turn. All of this was impossible on their old platform.

  • Optimized the site for any device
  • Cost-effective SaaS platform with unmatched speed and scalability
  • Flexible CMS for team to manage content
  • Custom Integration to ShareASale for marketing & promotions




Pocono Vapes simplified website instantly got a boost from brand new search functionality and optimization for mobile devices. Now their web pages and search queries load in under 1-second, streamlining the buying process for their customers. Now they can run their flash sales and promotions with confidence knowing their website is serving up a fast, scalable experience for their customers and site crashes are a thing of the past.