Karigran Case Study

"Ottemo completely transformed our online business. It doesn’t seem possible that a simple platform switch could result in mobile sales almost immediately doubling, then tripling. The backend ease for our shipping department was worth the switch alone. Ottemo is a straight-forward solution that was a welcome relief from Magento and the lack of support we were experiencing."

Lisa Strain, Co-founder, Karigran
faster page load speeds
Increased revenue from mobile channels
Increased mobile transactions
Cut overall bounce rate on all channels
faster to market

Customer profile

Kari Gran site

Karigran was founded in 2010 and quickly grew into a nationally recognized skin care brand. In 2015, the brand went international, moving from an online-only presence to being carried at boutiques and large retailers such as Sephora. Karigran continues to grow at a rapid pace. All their skin care products are formulated with organic, wild harvested and non-GMO ingredients, hand-poured in small batches. Designed for your most basic skin needs with elements that nourish a healthy complexion.

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Karigran was frustrated with their Magento platform. Their online business suffered from their slow website performance, scaling issues that put a plateau on their growth, broken integrations and a poor mobile experience. It took their web pages on average 7 seconds to load while their servers struggled to handle traffic surges. Adding the problem of having to manage their IT infrastructure was just too much to bear. They decided to confront the issues and completely transform and modernize their online experience and operations to better serve their customers.

Their platform wasn’t responsive on mobile devices which made it almost unusable when trying to make a purchase. With almost half of their traffic coming from mobile devices, Karigran knew they needed a platform that’s optimized for mobile so their customers get the same great shopping experience no matter what device they use.

Karigran was growing fast but their platform couldn't keep up. Constant crashing and performance issues with their older solution was common. Trying to manage infrastructure, staying up to date with technology and maintaining security standards was too much. To improve the scaling and performance issues with their older platform they would need to add more IT infrastructure which was expensive, time-consuming and distracting.

  • Slow page loads
  • Constantly needed to reach out to IT department with requests going unfulfilled
  • Clunky and slow mobile experience
  • Unreliable scalability and IT infrastructure
  • Inability to update/upgrade their antiquated Magento platform


To dramatically increase page load speed and website performance Karigran moved to Ottemo’s modern cloud-based SaaS platform optimized for speed and performance. Now they have the fastest page loads in their industry, at under 1-second on Avg. Our SaaS approach completely eliminated their concerns about managing IT infrastructure. Our solution is thoroughly field tested, serving up limitless scalability with elite performance and security. With Ottemo their site is constantly updated, so they are always using the latest features, functions, and innovation. Now they can rapidly scale with confidence and peace of mind because our cost-effective platform increases their operational efficiency every step of the way.

To greatly improve their mobile shopping experience, Karigran relied on Ottemo’s native adaptive design. With Ottemo, they could provide a customizable mobile shopping experience boasting rapid load times that remain consistent across every channel and device. Karigran now has a site that simplifies and streamlines the mobile purchasing experience.

Ottemo's flexible API's can quickly integrate with any 3rd-party applications. Karigran needed a way to streamline their shipping operations to better serve their customers. We built a custom integration to Shipstation that dramatically improved their shipping processes allowing them to serve more customers faster and get their products to them with ease.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with SaaS platform optimized for speed and scalability
  • Optimized site for any device with consistent experience across all channels
  • Custom integration to Shipstation to improve shipping processes
  • Improved checkout conversion funnel to streamline the buying process
  • Launched new site capabilities such as a subscription engine which automates recurring/scheduled orders. Karigran put this app to use by offering their customers a monthly subscription program at 30, 60 & 120 day intervals. This is a unique offering in their industry




KariGran broke daily, weekly and monthly revenue records in the first month after launching on Ottemo. Their entire commerce operation was instantly upgraded and ready for the future. After running performance tests it was confirmed their web pages loaded 4x faster on all devices cutting their bounce rate by 72%. Ottemo SaaS solution meets Karigrans complex integration and customization needs. With its world class API and extensible platform, Ottemo delivers a premium unified customer experience for online shoppers from desktop to mobile devices and beyond. Karigran saw their mobile transactions increase an amazing 613% now that their site is optimized for all channels and devices.